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100% Joint Venture Real Estate Financing

100% Joint Venture (JV) Equity Financing


We provide 100% joint venture financing that covers all project costs including land acquisition, hard costs and soft costs. There is no interest charged during the term of the investment (typically 3-5 years). Instead, the fund takes a equity position within the proposed project (typically 15%-20%) as compensation for the investment, with the buyout options determined during underwriting.

Investment Criteria (click here for more information)

We provide 100% financing for all types of commercial real estate and alternative energy projects.  In general, they must meet the following criteria:

  • This program is for NEW DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS ONLY that require $10 million or more;
  • The project must be shovel-ready--defined as ready to break ground in 90 days or less;
  • The project must be sponsored by a experienced developer with a significant financial stake.

Our Process (click here for more information)

The process begins by completing and submitting a Project Summary Form and a business plan or executive summary that includes financial projections and a team profile to We will conduct a free, initial review of your project to determine if it meets our funding partner's investment criteria.

If your project meets their criteria, you will be invited to formally apply by submitting the $500 application fee using the Pay Now button to the left.  A letter of intent will be issued within ten business days.  If an LOI can not be issued the $500 application fee will be refunded.

Due Diligence Deposit and Equity Participation.

As a condition of financing, the investment fund will require a due diligence deposit that is typically 100% refundable and placed with an escrow agent of your choosing.  The amount and terms of the deposit will be fully articulated within the LOI.  The required equity participation will also be articulated within the LOI, typically 15% - 20%.

100% Joint Venture Equity Advantages

The advantages of this financing structure are several:

  • The developer pays no interest during the entire construction period--saving millions of dollars in interest expense;
  • Because the fund participates as a 100% joint venture partner, they assume nearly 100% of the project risk until completion or stabilization;
  • Rather than the typical 65% LTV available from traditional lenders, the developer be financed for 100% of the total project costs, including both hard and soft costs.


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