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Complete a free evaluation form (only takes about 10 minutes) and have an initial funding decision within 24 hours.

Large-Scale Commercial Real Estate Loans

Large-Scale Commercial Real Estate Financing

This lending program is for borrowers seeking more than $10 millionIf you are looking for less than $10 million, please click here.

To apply, simply complete the Project Summary Form, provide an executive summary of your project, and submit the $500.00 application fee using the Pay Now button to the left.

If you would like us to conduct a free preliminary evaluation of your project to insure that it meets our lender's criteria, click the FREE EVALUATION button to the left, and return the completed form.

Geographic Area: North America, Caribbean, Europe, Central/South America, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and other select locations worldwide.

Loan Types:  New development, acquisition and refinance.

Financing Amount: Minimum loan amount is $10 million, maximum loan amount is $1 billion+.  If you need less than $10 million, please click here for more information on our small balance commercial real estate loan program.

Property Types: Virtually all types of commercial real estate including: hotel resorts and casinos; alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, waste conversion, etc.); office, mixed-use, assisted living, multifamily, retail, industrial, medical/ dental; public-use facilities; infrastructure (highway, rail, bridges, roads, etc.); recreational facilities, storage/warehouses, etc.

Loan Terms: Terms will be determined by property type, loan amount and findings during formal underwriting.  Representative loan terms would be a 5-10 year term, amortized over 25 years.

Rates: Rates are usually calculated from cost of funds against Prime.  This is determined based on property type, loan amount and findings during formal underwriting. For new construction, rates are typically in the low to mid 8%'s.  For refinancing and/or acquisitions, rates are typically in the mid 6%'s.

Loan to Value: Up to 70% LTV on new construction, and 80% - 90% LTV for refinancing and acquisitions, depending on property type, loan amount and other factors.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (NOI/debt service):  Minimum 1.25x, varies by property type.

Recourse/Non Recourse:  This can only be determined through formal underwriting.

Turnaround Time: Usually ten business days to issue a Letter of Interest.

Underwriting Fee: Depends on loan size (nonrefundable) to cover underwriting costs; paid only after an LOI has been issued and accepted by the borrower.

Application Process (typically 90-120 days from receipt of a full loan package):

  • Submit a Project Summary Form and executive summary or detailed description of the project;
  • Pay the $500.00 application fee using the Pay Now button to the left;
  • Once a Letter of Interest (LOI) has been issued, it will articulate an initial interest rate and loan term.
  • If you are interested in moving forward you must submit the underwriting fee, as specified in the LOI, along with the signed LOI.
  • Once your project is placed in underwriting, you will be billed directly for any third-party reports that are required, i.e., appraisal, environmental analysis, feasibility study, etc.  In most cases, the only additional cost will be for a full-blown appraisal.  If the borrower has a recent appraisal, it may be accepted with a simple update from the original appraiser.
  • Approximately one week after receipt of the signed LOI and due diligence payment, you will receive a welcome letter.
  • Approximately one week after receipt of the welcome letter you will receive a conditions letter that will provide a list of documents that must be submitted.


Ready to get started? Click here to download the Project Summary Form.

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