The Gideon Group is a diversified financial services company providing business/ project finance, asset management and risk capital services via 3 business units:


- The Gideon Group

  • Advisory & Capital Markets—We provide advisory and capital raising services including corporate finance and advisory, equity and debt capital markets, and principal investments.
  • Asset Finance—We utilize our asset finance expertise across real estate, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

- Gideon Capital Management

  • Asset Monetization—We have a unique ability to monetize and leverage strategic assets to multiply their value through successful participation in financial vehicles and programs.
  • Financing—Our expertise and culture of innovation allows us to develop customized financial solutions to meet the unique needs of clients that span the capital structure and the globe.

- Gideon Investment Fund

  • Research—The cornerstone of our success has been to develop a breadth of perspectives, differentiated insights and thoughtful processes with a global footprint via active partners.
  • Trading & Hedging—We have developed proprietary risk solutions and market access for our clients in the financial markets & commodities market.


Commercial Real Estate/Energy Finance

Since 1987, the Gideon Group has helped raise billions of dollars in trade financing and project financing for entrepreneurs, businesses and project developers. How are we different?

   1) We have our own capital sources that allow us to fund directly;

   2) We excel at financing difficult-to-fund opportunities;

   3) We form lasting relationships with clients & investors.

In today's challenging economic environment, identifying project financing sources can prove especially difficult.  Fortunately, we have formed strong, direct relationships providing large-scale project funding at reasonable terms.

Private Placement Programs/Trade Platforms

We are often contacted by individuals who are looking to raise capital for their projects, or who are simply looking for high-yield investment opportunities.  This often leads to a discussion about private placement programs (PPPs) and trade platforms.  Here, we provide information on what these programs are and what they are not.

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