Commercial Real Estate/Energy Finance

Commercial Real Estate Financing and Human Resources Consulting since 1987

Since 1987, the Gideon Group has helped raise over $1 billion dollars in trade financing and project financing for entrepreneurs, businesses and project developers. How are we different?


   1) We have established relationships with capital sources
       that allow us to respond quickly and fund directly;

   2) We excel at financing difficult-to-fund opportunities;

   3) We form lasting relationships with clients & investors.


Commercial Real Estate/Energy Financing

In today's challenging economic environment, identifying project financing sources can prove especially difficult.  Fortunately, we have formed strong, direct relationships with lenders providing large-scale project funding at reasonable terms.


Private Placement Programs/Trade Platforms

We are often contacted by individuals who are looking to raise capital for their projects, or who are simply looking for high-yield investment opportunities.  This often leads to a discussion about private placement programs (PPPs) and trade platforms.  Here, we provide information on what these programs are and what they are not.



Human Resources Consulting

We provide a full suite of human resources consulting services including: Executive Recruiting; Organizational Development; Outplacement Services; Executive Leadership and Global Diversity.


Executive Recruiting

For executive candidates looking for the next career opportunity or corporations looking for top talent, we provide exceptional executive recruiting services.


Organization Development

We partner with organizational leaders to create long- lasting, systemic change within their organizations by improving the human processes by which they communicate, problem-solve, and manage.


Outplacement Services

We provide outplacement services to individuals as well as a wide range of corporations, non-profit organizations and state and local governments.


The Employers Rights Advisor

Designed for small and medium-sized companies that lack the time or expertise to deal with complex human resources issues, the Employers Rights Advisor provides quick and affordable access to human resources experts.


Executive Leadership

We help build leaders that can more effectively lead their companies and organizations by empowering and motivating their people.


Global Diversity

Our unique approach to diversity focuses on factors that are critical for long-term success both domestically and internationally.  



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