We invest our own capital in specific, targeted opportunities. Generally, we look for growth-oriented firms and projects with proven, successful track records.

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Gideon Investment Fund

The Gideon Investment Fund is the financial engine for our business, fueled by our proprietary Forex Trading Model (FTM).  Since 2007, our FTM has produced significant and consistent profits on our assets under management.  Unlike other firms that secure capital from outside investors and other sources, ours is generated internally, which gives us significant flexibility in how and where that capital is deployed.

Our investment criteria:

  • We are interested in opportunities where we will have a controlling interest, up to 100%;
  • Management must be willing to operate the project/business—we have no interest in doing so;
  • A demonstrated history of profitable performance while employing a minimum of debt;
  • We are looking for growth-stage opportunities requiring expansion capital, not startups or other high-risk ventures.

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