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Commercial Real Estate/Business Financing

Formed in 1987, the Gideon Group, Inc. has helped entrepreneurs, project developers and commercial real estate developers raise over $1 billion in startup and expansion capital. We bring a unique perspective to business and project financing in that for our firm’s first 15 years, we worked in a consulting capacity developing business plans, financial analysis, feasibility studies and project analysis. In the subsequent 15 years, we used the unique insight gained through our consultancy to raise capital and become direct investors in our clients’ businesses through two business units: Gideon Capital Management and Gideon Investment Fund.

Gideon Capital Management

With offices in the United States and United Arab Emirates, Gideon Capital Management houses our business, project, and commercial real estate-financing activities:

  • Business Financing--We help startup and early-stage firms access equity capital from angel investors, crowdfunding, venture capital, and private equity and strategic equity investors. We also help emerging growth companies access expansion capital from the capital markets and more traditional debt financing sources.
  • Project Financing--We use innovative project financing techniques to help developers finance large-scale infrastructure, industrial, public-use and energy projects. These techniques are based upon non-recourse or limited recourse financial structures, in which the capital used to finance the project is repaid from the cash flow and/or profits generated by the project itself.
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing--We provide capital for large-scale commercial real estate and alternative energy projects using a variety of debt and equity financing structures. In some cases, we may provide the financing directly, in others, we may syndicate the financing in order to diversify our risk.


Gideon Investment Fund

In 2006, we began development of a wholly-owned, private investment fund that allows us to make direct investments in high-potential investment opportunities. Gideon Investment Fund is also the entity that houses our in-house currency trading operations.


Human Resources Consulting
In addition to financial services, the Gideon Group also provides full-service human resources consulting with a focus on:

1. Executive & Diversity Recruiting;
2. Organization Development;
3. Executive Leadership;
4. Outplacement Services;
5. Global & Corporate Diversity;
6. Educational Leadership.

Together our executive team represents more than 65 years of human resources experience. We help our clients solve their human resources challenges and transform their organizations through customized solutions and better human capital management.

Management Team
Our management team members include:

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